Infinite Campus Planner

  1. Show your current planners with assignments and curriculum

  2. Show another teacher’s planner with assignments and curriculum

  3. Show your hourly schedule

  4. Show another teacher’s hourly schedule

  5. Print your current planner view

  6. Change settings for your calendar (Fig. 2)

  7. Change date scope in Calendar Panel

  8. Change scope of time in Calendar Panel

  9. Calendar Panel

  10. Create a new assignment

  11. Create an assignment based on your assignment library

  12. View a list of all assignments within the current scope of the Calendar Panel

  13. Shows your current and past curriculum calendars

  14. Shows your currently taught courses

  15. To-Do List


Figure 1

Planner Settings:

  1. Change the colors of your Planner.

  2. Hides the left bar when you open the Planner.

  3. Shows or Hides courses that do not have assignments.

  4. Shows weekends for curriculum view.

  5. Set your planner to reflect your school’s start time.

  6. Assign templates to all assignments created

  7. Shows or hides your curriculums from other users


Figure 2