Adding a fee in Infinite Campus

  1. Search for the student you are adding a fee to:

  2. Click on Fees on the Right side

  3. Select New Fee Assignment

  1. *Fee - Select Chromebook 0.00*

  2. *Amount - Type in the charge from the parts list

  3. Due Date - If your school site is imposing a due date?

  4. Exempt -  The fee will be assessed but will not be included in total owed. DO NOT USE THIS

  5. *Calendar -  When the fee occurred and should be assessed. NOTE:Currently you only have current year and previous year editing rights. If you assign a fee over 2 years old you will not be able to edit it.

  6. Comments - Be as descriptive as possible. Include serial numbers and damage.

  7. Fees are in grey. Payments are in white. Voids are crossed out.