Grade Book Setup

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Grade Book Setup

  1. Click on Grade Book

  2. Click on the Settings Chevron

  3. These are your gradebook setup options


Figure 1

Grade Book Setup Settings

  1. Lists assignments (see Figure 3)

  2. List of custom assignment marks used in grading

  3. Create categories for assignments. (ex. Tests, Quizzes, Homework, Participation, etc.)

  4. Filter what grade book shows (next, last or current week’s assignments)

  5. Choose how grades for the class are displayed (Grades KN-2nd: Elementary 1-4 scale, Grades 3rd-12th: A, B, C, D)

  6. Create a grading scale used for particular assignments (Homework, Free write, etc.)


Figure 2

Assignment List

  1. Filter your list of assignments.

  2. List of all of your assignments. Active assignments are currently connected to a course. If an assignment is active you will be able to score students on it. But it must be aligned to the grade book. (See Create an Assignment)

  3. Create a new assignment.

  4. This process verifies assignment categories and assignments that have multiple section placements and/or scoring alignments. (This is rare.)


Figure 3

The Grade Book View

  1. Select your course, section, and semester

  2. Add a new assignment.

  3. Sort and Filter your view

  4. SAVE

  5. This area shows Reported and In Progress grades. You can use the blue chevron on the left to hide these reports

  6. Categories for Assignments. You can assign grading scales, point values, and weight to each category individually. Each assignment is then assigned to a category

  7. Individual assignments and students grades. Student grades can be edited directly from this view. The arrows on the corners indicate “flags.” By hovering over each box you will be able to view these “flags” (For more about flags see Grading Assignments)

  8. Sparkline Graph shows general variation in students scores over time. Clicking on the graph will give more detailed information about the student.


Figure 4

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