Infinite Campus Progress Reports and Report Cards

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Grading Periods:

Continuation Schools (Mojave & Canyon Ridge)  Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4, Term 5, Term 6, Term 7, Term 8

Secondary Schools (Jr. High/Middle/High School) P1, Q1, P2, S1, P3, Q3, P4, S2

Elementary Schools:  P1, Q1, P2, S1, P3, Q3, P4, S2

First:  Attendance Clerk at Elementary level or Records Clerk at Secondary or whoever was assigned to Grades needs to open the Grading Window.  Once open, teachers should be notified that Grades are due to be posted and the deadline.

To open Grading Window:

  • From the Index Tab, scroll to Grading & Standards --  select Grading Window
  • Verify School Year and click on School, click Next
  • Select 1 Term only (example:  Progress 1 or Quarter 1 or Semester 1, Not Progress 1 and Quarter 1) -- Next
  • Check the correct term.  T1 is for Semester 1 and T2 is for Semester 2 and all reports within that semester.)
  • Click Update Active Mask.  This will open the Grading Window  Note:  You will not receive any type of confirmation message that the window is open, but your teachers will see the Post Grades button active.

To Close Grading Window

Follow above directions except in last step, leave the Terms unchecked (T1 or T2)

Click Update Active Mask

These are the instructions for the CLS/TSS/Records/Attendance Clerk to print the report for a single student:

To print a progress report or Report Card for a specific student, in Infinite Campus, SEARCH for the student you want to issue the report on.

Click on the STUDENT INFORMATION -> GENERAL -> GRADES (tab), then in the Choose A Report Card Format box, select Progress Report S1 (there are specific K-2 or 2/3 Combo-6 depending on the grade of the student and Reporting Period. It will open another window. Print the Progress Report or Save it as a PDF to email. (Individual reports can also be run by Teachers)

Generating Progress Reports or Report Cards for a group of students – All Schools

TO PRINT ALL REPORT CARDS (for an entire grade or the whole school)

  • From the Index, scroll to GRADING & STANDARDS > REPORTS > REPORT CARDS
  • Under REPORT OPTIONS, Select the appropriate PROGRESS REPORT  or REPORT CARD 
  • Under GRADE, pick a grade or ALL STUDENTS
  • Make sure ACTIVE ONLY is checked and the EFFECTIVE DATE is the current date
  • Select a SORT OPTION if you want the report sorted differently than ALPHA.  (This is handy for elementary classes)
  • Select GENERATE REPORT to run immediately or SUBMIT TO BATCH, to allow the report to be run as time is available. (Please use Submit to Batch during busy times like the day before Winter Break or the last day of school. This will take a bit more time, but will not slow down the system.)

Posted Grades will also appear in the Student/Parent/Guardian Portal.


If you want to add a School Message to the bottom of all report cards, send the message to Patty Torres at Information Technology. She can add the comments to the report card/progress report.  You may have a different message for each type of report.  Example:  One message about the Fall Festival on Progress S1/Q1  and a Spring Break message for Progress S2/Q3.  Note:  it will be a copy and paste of your requested message, so make sure it has been spellchecked and that the grammar is correct.  (We are not responsible for your typos.)

If teachers would like to send home a progress report anytime during the year (not official)

  • On the Campus Instruction Page, scroll down left column to Reports(Gradebook)
  • Select Student Summary from Report Name
  • Select the Section you want to summarize (you have to do Reading, Math, English Language, etc separately)
  • Select Either  Student Grade Summary - One Student per page
  • or  Show Assignment Detail - One Student per page.

Extra Items:  (you can select these if you want them)

  • Parent Signature
  • Attendance Summary (very handy for struggling students who have many absences or tardies)
  • Display Report Card Comments
  • Select which semester you want S1 or S2, both are selected by default.
  • Select which students you want to report on, All active students are checked by default
  • Click Generate Report at top of frame.
  • Note:  You have to repeat for each subject, but should only send home those reports where student is struggling.

Good Luck

* - Prior to printing any reports the school needs to have opened a Grading Window and teachers need to have posted  their grades.

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