Before Sending Chromebook to I.T.:

  • Do not include the Chromebook case. Keep it for your stock.
  • Do not include power adapters or power cords. Keep it for your stock.
  • Remove any personal stickers, labels, etc. that the student may have added.
  • Create a ticket. Include CB serial number (Service Tag), basic details, list of issues, etc.
  • In Destiny, check to make sure the CB is no longer checked-out to a student.
  • In Destiny, transfer the CBs to Information Technology.
  • Your CB must have a serial number (Service Tag) barcode. If it does not, you can make a replacement using Destiny by following the steps in this video: Creating a Barcode in Destiny

Note: If you do not know the serial number you can find it if the CB powers on by pressing ALT + V on the login screen. For a step-by-step guide, see the following solution: How to Find a Chromebook Serial Number


Other Notes:

  • You should only use CB parts to fix damage and not warranty issues. The only exception to this rule is the CB 3180 model since the warranty has expired.
  • Make sure your school site is checking-out the Chromebook to students first within Destiny before handing them out to students.
  • Remember to specify the quantity and CB model you need when requesting CB parts in a ticket.
  • You can use any Chromebooks that are considered “dead-forever” for parts. 

Note: Make sure to change the status of the CB within Destiny to “Available for parts” by following the steps in this video for individual and bulk updating: Update Chromebook Status in Destiny

  • Keep an eye on how many CB 3100's you have in stock and compare it to how many are listed  as "available" in Destiny (Catalog->Resource Search->Browse Resources Tab->Dell). Keeping your available number as accurate as possible helps us determine if we need to send more CBs to your site. 
  • If your stock does not match the amount listed as available in Destiny, it could be any of the following:
    • CBs did not get checked-out to students properly within Destiny. 
    • Students dropped, moved, transferred, etc. and left their Chromebook in the classroom. 

Note: If you feel that you have exhausted all possibilities and CBs are not showing up, we can always disable serial numbers as a last resort.