Before sending chromebooks to I.T:

  • Do not include the chromebook case. Keep for your stock

  • Do not include power adapters or power cords. Keep for your stock

  • Create a ticket. Include CB serial numbers, details, issues, etc. 

  • In Destiny, check to make sure the CB is no longer checked-out to a student. 

  • In Destiny, transfer the CB’s to the Information Technology department.

  • Make sure your CB has a barcode. For a temporary barcode replacement, you can check out the following link. (Video Link). If the CB powers on, you can do ALT + V to find the serial number. See solution here

  • Remove any stickers/labels, etc.

Other CB notes:

  • CB parts should only be used to fix CB damage and not warranty issues. The only exception to this rule is the CB 3180 model since the warranty has expired. 

  • Make sure your school site is checking-out the chromebooks to students first within Destiny before handing them out to students.

  • When requesting CB parts in a ticket, don’t forget to specify the quantity and CB model. 

  • Any CB 3180’s that are considered “dead-forever” can be used for parts. Just make sure to change the status of the CB within Destiny to “Available for parts”. (Video link shows Individual update or bulk update) 

  • Continue to collect, repair, and store the CB 3180's at your site until further notice.

  • Keep an eye on how many CB 3100's you have in stock and compare it to how many Destiny considers "available". (Catalog/Resource Search/Browse Resources Tab/Dell). Keeping your available number as accurate as possible helps us determine if we need to send more CB's to your site. For example, if you submit a request for more chromebooks but your Destiny available number happens to be 45, we may not be able to send more CB's until we figure out where the 45 are located.  When your stock and available numbers are not in sync, it could be because of the following: CB's did not get checked-out to students within Destiny. Students dropped, moved, transfered, etc and left their chromebooks in the classroom. If you feel that you have exhausted all possibilities and CB's are not showing up, we can always disable serial numbers as a last resort.