How to map network drives on a Mac:


  1. Click “Go” on your desktop

  2. Click  “Connect to server”

  3. In the “Server Address” box type in the Server path to each mapped network drive that is necessary. See below

For the D.O share folder (H:) type the path:


For School Site Admin/Teachers personal space (i:) type the path:


Example - If I was a principal at Mesa Grande Elementary, my (i:) path would be:


Note: You may need to abbreviate your school site. Example, Sultana High School may be "SHS" instead of "sultanahighschool"

If the server names such as "HUSD-FS-02" and "HUSD-FS-01" do not work, you can substitute their name for their direct IP address. Example 

Example : HUSD-FS-01 =, HUSD-FS-02 =