Requesting a License 

Licenses are now assigned to a specific user. To request a 365 license please put in a ticket to the Help Desk with Subject "Office 365 Request". In the ticket, please put the full name of the user needing the license. This license can only be users who are actively working for HUSD.  

Logging In/Installing

Verify Microsoft Office 2016 or older is uninstalled.

Once you have recieved confirmation that the license has been applied to your account, Go to and click sign in.

The username is typically your (Notice it is .net and not .org)

The password will be the same as Infinite Campus or work computer password.

If you are already signed in, you may need to sign out to confirm you are using the right user account.

On the top Right of the Page Click Install Office.

Choose Office 365 Apps.

This will download an installer and click run once it is completed downloading.

After the install office 365 may require you to sign in when launching one of the office programs. It will be the same username and password you used to log into the website.