Board Meeting - Pre-Meeting Videos

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A simple video consisting of Social Media photos, etc plays before the Board Meeting starts, highlight activities and events around Hesperia Unified. 

This user guide is MacOS specific. A guide has not been written for PCs, as the native MacOS Photos app is used to create the video.

Process Overview

IFTTT has been connected to all District and school social media accounts. Copies of every photo are made and saved into a Google Drive folder.

The copied photos are imported into the Photos App and a simple video is created.


User needs access to the following Google Drive Folder: => Social Media Drop Folder

For Board

Photos are automatically copied into the root folder, via IFTTT. Photos are named as such:

  • [Site] - [FB/Insta] - [Publish Date].jpg

Folders within For Board, are labeled as such:

  • [YYYYMM] - [Month Name] [Meeting Date]*
    • Meeting Date is only used if there are multiple meetings in a given month, like June.

For TVs

These files are used for Information TVs in Lobbies around the District.

Import and Archive Photos

Open the Photos app on a Mac.

Create a new Album titled: HUSD - [Full Meeting Date]

    i.e. HUSD - June 10, 2019

Drag the photos from the For Board folder in Google Drive, or from Finder if using Google File Stream, into the newly created album.

    Having Google File Stream is the recommended method. If using Google Drive, not Google File Steam and Finder, the photos will need to be downloaded first.

In Finder or Google Drive, create a new archive folder for the photos, entitled [YYYYMM] - [Month Name] [Meeting Date]*.

    i.e. 201906 - June or 201906 - June 6

Move all of the photos in the For Board folder into the newly created folder for archival purposes.

Parse Photos and Create Video

Many stock photos are used on social media or announcements with only words. These photos should be removed, leaving only photos of students, staff, activities and events. 

Ready Photos

Open the newly created Album in Photos.

Delete any photo which is not staff, students, activities, or events. 

Once stock photos have been removed, right click on the Current Album. Hover over Create. Hover over Slideshow. Click Photos.

In the popup window, Type the name: Around HUSD - [Meeting Date].

Edit the Video

The following controls will be used to edit the video:

(1) Themes

(2) Music

(3) Duration

On the right side, click the Themes button, which looks like two overlapping rectangles. Click Reflections.

Click the Music button. Use Reflections.

Click the Duration button. Use Custom.

On the top menu bar on the right, click Export. Save the file to the create archive Google Drive folder for the current meeting.

Once the video export is complete, the video can be played for the public before the meeting starts. 

Content Created: Brice VanFosson, June 2019

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