Open Create Event Form

Open from "Write Something..." Form

Navigate to your school's Page. You should see you school's logo, coverphoto, and the "Write something.." form.

Underneath the "Write something..." box, you should see 8 icons, including "Share a Photo or Video", "Advertise your business", etc. See below:

Click "See All". You should see the following:

Click "Create an Event".

Open from Side Panel Links

Navigate to your school's Page. You should see a series of links including "Posts", "About", "Videos".

Click "Events"

On the "Events" page, click "+Create Event". See below:

Create Event

On the newly opened event form, fill out the following:

Event Photo - Upload an engaging image. Size-1200x628, ratio 1.9:1

Event Name - Create a short clear name.

Location - Location will default at the Page address. You can type over this field. As you type, Facebook suggestions will appear. You can also just type in a full address.

Frequency - Events can occur: once, weekly, monthly or on a custom repeat. Repeated events can have custom times for each day of repetition.

Category - Select from list of categories. These are broad categories. Choose the one that fits best.

Description - Tell you Facebook audience about the event, include ticket and price information.

Keywords - Select key words about the event. Facebook only has broad keyword groups. Start typing and Facebook will begin suggesting the keyword groups.

Kid Friendly - Click this check box, if this applies.

Co-Hosts - If there is another host, tag them. Start typing and Facebook will begin suggesting other Facebook Pages.

Posting - Default selection should be fine.

Guest List - Default selection should be fine.

Once all these fields have been filled out, click "Publish" at the bottom of the form.

Edit Published Post

On the "Events" tab, click on the event you would like to publish.

Under the Insights toolbar, select "Edit". See below:

The Event details form will open. Edit any necessary fields.