Websites to know:

  1. - Find important links to district materials and software including Financial 2000, Sophos, and Shortel.

  2. - Our ticket system for responding to help desk requests. This also includes FAQs and common issues.

  3. - Hassle-free installer for PC software. On all new computers add Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Java, Silverlight, and Shockwave.

  4. - Hassle-free installer for Mac software.

  5. - Test internet speed

  6. - Alternate internet speed test

  7. - Our Student Information System (SIS).  Pull reports, export student data, find student information. For login information or any questions please contact an Information Systems Analyst (Joshua Meissenburg or Lucie Mobley)

  8. - login is password: husdmail. Where xxxx is your school site abbreviation (SHS, HJH, etc.) Reset student passwords for chromebooks

  9. - Remote in for District IT staff. Click on the staff members name that is helping you and they will be able to remote into your computer.

  10. - Credit recovery program for continuation high schools

  11. - digital classroom for students and teachers

  12. - check in or out chromebooks for student and teacher use. Add fines for damaged chromebooks

  13. - Reading and Writing program at Canyon Ridge

  14. - Promethean version of powerpoint, peardeck, or nearpod

  15. -  California State Testing website. Has downloads for secure browsers.

  16. - Illuminate Student testing for Hesperia USD

  17. - Illuminate Teacher and Admin Access for Hesperia USD

  18. -  Renaissance, Renplace, Renlearn Login for Students or Teachers