Right now all of our internet filtering for HUSD is done by county using their firewalls and filters. Late last year county upgraded to a new model that would allow better data speeds but had some stricter filtering rules. We haven't requested any sites to be blocked but some previously accessible sites became blocked due to the new filters rules. We work with county regularly to "whitelist" sites so that they will no longer be blocked by the filter. If you would like to request to have a site unblocked please submit a ticket under 'Web Services' and then select 'Whitelist/Unblock Page Request'. In the body of the ticket please list the website(s) you would like unblocked. In the case of Youtube, each video must be unblocked individually so please list the full webpage address for each video. We will review the request and then submit it to county to be unblocked. The process normally takes 1-2 business days so please plan accordingly.